Use the Settings page to view and edit configuration settings for the Covalent server.


Several of the Settings pages are not editable, as noted below. They are provided in the Covalent GUI for information only.

The following Settings pages are available:


The configuration file and logging parameters for the SDK.


Logging and file paths for Covalent executors. As remote executors are instantiated and invoked by the SDK, they are added to the list on this page.


Address and port of the UI, and file paths for results, logs, and the Covalent database. (Not editable.)

Dask Cluster

Configuration of the Dask cluster that is the default local executor. (Not editable.)

Workflow Data

Location of workflow-related settings. (Not editable.)

User Interface

Address, port, and log file path of the Covalent GUI. (Not editable.)