Managing Azure Cloud Credentials#

In order to use the Azure executors, it needs to be configured with all the permissions necessary to create and manage the relevant Azure resources. This can be done by creating a service principal, and then granting the service principal the necessary permissions.

Authentication with Service Principals#

When creating a service principal, you choose the type of authentication that it uses: password or certificate-based. This can be be done using the portal or using Azure powershell as discussed in the sections below.

Password-based authentication#

Follow the instructions to create a service principal with password-based authentication. The password is provided in the password key in the output when creating the service principal.


The password needs to be copied and can’t be retrieved later. If you lose it, the credentials will need to be reset.

In order to login with the password use the following command :

az login --service-principal -u <client_id> -p <password> --tenant <tenant_id>


The <client_id> is the appId in the output when creating the service principal.

Certificate-based authentication#

For certificate-based authentication, you can either use an appropriately formatted existing certificate or create a new one when creating the service principal. Detailed instructions on can be found here.

Similar to password-based authentication, you can login using the certificate by running:

az login --service-principal -u <client_id> -p <certificate_path> --tenant <tenant_id>