The User Interface#

This User Interface Reference describes the functionality available in the Covalent GUI, organized by screen.

For help performing specific tasks using the Covalent GUI, refer to the How-to Guide.

The following screens are available in the Covalent GUI:


Displays a list of workflows that have been dispatched to the server. The dispatches are summarized at the top of the screen. The Dashboard is the default screen in the Covalent GUI.

Graph View

Displays details of a selected dispatch. Click a dispatch ID on the Dashboard to see the Graph View for that dispatch.

Sublattice Views

When you open the page for a lattice that contains sublattices, controls in the Graph View include extra options to view details of the sublattices.

Lattice Graph Preview

View the transport graph of a lattice that you have not yet dispatched. This feature is built into the Covalent GUI as a convenience in workflow development.


Displays the server log. Log entries do not disclose which dispatch generated them; for information about dispatches, see the Graph View.


Provides controls to customize the Covalent GUI.


Opens a terminal where you can type shell commands.