Building Covalent from Source#

To download and install Covalent from source, follow the steps below.

1. Clone the GitHub repo:
$ cd <project_directory>
$ git clone

where <project_directory> is the directory you choose to contain the project.


All file paths hereafter are relative to <project_directory>.

2. The Python packages required to build Covalent are listed in covalent/requirements.txt. Make sure you have them installed:
$ cd covalent
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
3. Use the setup script to build and deploy Covalent:
$ cd covalent

# Build the dashboard
$ python webapp

# Install using pip (-e is for developer mode)
$ pip install -e .

Building the Documentation#

Optionally, you can build the documentation locally. Follow these steps:

1. The required packages are listed in covalent/doc/requirements.txt. Make sure you have them installed:
$ cd covalent/doc
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
2. Use the setup script to build the documentation:
$ cd covalent
$ python docs

The script builds the documentation in covalent/doc/build/html. View the local documentation landing page in your browser at file:///covalent/doc/build/html/index.html.

Validating the Installation#

Optionally, validate the installation.

Covalent has been properly installed if the following returns without error:
$ python -c "import covalent"